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Nourished AF Premium Functional Program

Optimal Service for Optimal Wellness

  • 45 minutes
  • Online

Service Description

"White Glove” Comprehensive Functional Lab Testing Package, a six-phase program designed to provide a holistic view of your internal chemistry and guide you towards personalized, optimal health.
 Six Key Tests: Food Sensitivity Testing: Identify triggers causing inflammation and digestive issues. Functional Gut Testing: Assess digestion, gut microbiome, and potential infections. Organic Acids: Uncover metabolic imbalances for personalized nutrition and energy optimization. Hormone & Adrenal: Measure hormone levels and adrenal function for stress management and hormonal balance. Functional Blood Chemistry: Evaluate key markers for nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, and organ function. Functional Genomics: Analyze your genetic predisposition to certain health conditions.
 Interpreted by Licensed Doctors: Your results will be reviewed by our team of experienced doctors specializing in functional medicine, ensuring a nuanced and accurate understanding of your unique health story. Therapeutic Phases: We'll walk you through each test result, one phase at a time, creating a tailored plan for addressing any imbalances revealed. Coaching Sessions: Each phase includes personalized coaching sessions to guide you through lifestyle modifications, supplement recommendations, and dietary adjustments. Including unlimited text/email support M-F during regular business hours. Plus SO much more!

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel 24 hours in advance

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