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Nourished AF 1-on-1 Signature Program

  • 24Weeks
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This is a 6-month program where we meet via phone or video call (or in person, if local) twice a month for a 50-minute confidential session. This program will give you the opportunity for undivided attention (a safe space) from someone who wants to support you to feel and look your best. Working together you will: - Identify your health goals and what you’ve always imagined for your life. - Figure out what you truly want to accomplish long-term for yourself. - Understand how you may be getting in your own way of reaching these goals. - Learn how to have support to permanently reach your goals 1:1 coaching sessions will contain a powerful curriculum that will uncover your imbalances in areas such as nutrition, physical activity, career, relationships, and sense of purpose. Throughout the program, you will be given personalized recommendations that will empower you to restore balance, release limiting beliefs and make long-lasting behavioral changes. For example; * Eating for optimal nutrition, digestion, and joy * Practicing intuitive movement * Grocery shopping, meal prep, and home cooking   * Establishing a daily routine  * Living in harmony with the earth  * Optimizing circadian rhythm * Reducing and managing stress  * Cultivating meaningful relationships  * Creating positive thought patterns and releasing limit *(first booking is a free discovery call)* Before our first call, ponder this: What do you want to accomplish through this coaching relationship?”

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